Track A Tradesman App Version 1.6

Track A Tradesman is set to launch it's latest update of the Track A Tradesman App in December 2014. Updates include iOS 8 updates and other updates so that the App works on all iOS platforms as our App previously required iOS 7 or higher. Bug fixes have also been made as the App was experiencing some issues closing itself down when in use. We have now introduced touch screen images to the App for even quicker searching and the new version of the App will be launching in the iPad App Store as well as on Android Tablets. Our new version of the App will now be available on all Apple and Android devices. We have also introduced a search facility to help Users find the tradesmen they are looking for even quicker. A 'Request a Call Back' facility has also been introduced on to tradesmen's listing pages as well as neat new links to contact tradesmen direct replacing the previous lengthy contact details layout on screen. We hope Users enjoy using the new version of the App and have an even better experience when searching for local tradesman.