Track A Tradesman is an online business directory and GPS tracking business directory App, free for users to download and use from the App Store, iPad Store and Play Store.




Cheshire, UK


Online Search Facility

The Track A Tradesman online search facility provides very fast and reliable results for users searching for local tradesmen. Powered by Google Mapping API, our locating facility provides the most reliable and safest geographical location and distance results to give users the best possible results when searching for local tradesmen.

Our online platform finds local tradesmen in seconds for users and it’s sole function is to locate the closest tradesmen to users locations listed in closest proximity.

This in turn reduces the chances of delays in arrival times from tradesmen and ensures users do not get the same businesses coming up every time in search results. It also prevents users from dealing with tradesmen based outside of their localities that they may have no knowledge of.


App Store, iPad Store and Play Store Apps

The Track A Tradesman Apple and Android App uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology built in to iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones to establish users and tradesmen’s geographical locations in seconds to generate even more accurate results in close proximity to users localities.

The Track A Tradesman App puts tradesman at the fingertips of users. In just a few touches of a mobile screen, homeowners, landlords and businesses can find tradesmen in seconds using our GPS tracking system.

As tradesmen can be GPS located in seconds within a users local vicinity, it’s much easier to get fast and efficient service any time of the day from local tradesmen. It is also very handy if users want to find a tradesman while on the move.

From an immediate GPS tracked list of tradesmen, customers can choose and secure different quotations and choose the best deal for the jobs they need doing, quickly and effortlessly whether they are at home, at work or anywhere else.


Key Features

  • Super Fast Online Search Facility
  • Free to Download and Use App For Apple and Android Devices
  • GPS Tracking Technology
  • Powered by Google Mapping API
  • Lists Tradesmen in Order of Proximity
  • Responsive Website to Display Accurately on all Devices
  • App Directory Always in Your Mobile Device
  • Very Fast Results